Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish School

Since 1919, Saint Elizabeth has served the diverse communities of Altadena and Pasadena for 100 years in the spirit of “goodness and excellence.” As a Catholic school, we teach the values of the Gospel and also welcome all faiths to our campus. We offer educational opportunities from Transitional Kindergarten (four-year olds) through Eighth Grade. The faculty, staff and parents have fostered a collaborative learning environment that prepares students to be scholars and responsible citizens in their community. The after-school program offers program activities in the areas of sports, theater, dance, and academic enrichment as well as day care.

Why Saint Elizabeth of Hungary?

We believe that children are equipped to live out the greatest commandment of “loving God with our their hearts and souls” and “loving your neighbor as yourself.” The school and parish communities work together to provide real-life activities to build-on the student’s natural talents, gifts, and skills to become their “best self.”